2G Definition

2g network definition

What is the 2G Network?

2G which can also be short-termed 2-G is a second-generation cellular network. 2G cellular networks commercially launched on the GSM in Finland by Radiolinja (which is now an embodiment of Elisa Oyj) in 1991.

Benefits of the 2G Network

There are three main primary benefits of 2G networks over their predecessors which are:

  1. Data services on mobile and SMS text messages.
  2. Efficiency increase in the use of the radiofrequency spectrum, enabling more users per frequency band. 
  3. Digital Encryption of phone conversations.

2G technologies can provision of services like messages, picture messages and MMS services (Multi-Media Messages) to various networks.

All text messages transferred or sent or received over the 2G are all digitally encrypted, permitting secured data transfer that only the receiver can receive and read it.

After the 2G network was launched, the past mobile wireless network systems were

After 2G was launched, the previous mobile wireless network systems were retroactively tweaked/dubbed 1G. And on the other hand, radio signals on 1G networks are analog, and on the 2g networks, radio signals are digital. Both the 1G and 2G uses digital signaling to connect to radio towers (which listen to the devices) to the whole part of the mobile system. 

Through the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), 2G offers a theoretical maximum transfer speed of 40 kilobytes per second.

Using Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution, also called (EDGE), there is a consistent highest transfer speed of 384 kilobytes per second.

The most current 2G technology was the time division multiple access (TDMA)-based GSM, incipiently from Europe but used in the most utmost of the world outside North America.

Over 60 GSM operators were also using CDMA2000 in the 450 MHz frequency band (CDMA450) around 2010.

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