How to Get all UI8 Files from [WORKING]

how to get ui8 files free

Good day everyone, how are you doing? Today we are going to be having a quick and simple look into the UI8 platform, which gives UI designs and tools to its subscribers and users. Not everyone has the finance to run it. So today, check out and see how to get these files for free.

What is UI8?

UI8 is an Internet hosted platform that gives its users and subscribers several amazing UI designs works. They also offer UI kits, Wireframe Kits, Bundles, and icons e.t.c It was launched din Roseville, California, in May 2013.

Get and Download All UI8 Files From UI8FREE

In this unique article today, we will reveal and show you a detailed guide on how to get all UI8 files and tools for free via Ui8Free.

Let us see some few key points on how to get ui8 files freely below;

Design Materials and Kits You get freely from ui8free?

  1. You are equipped and liable to get All design files and materials from UI8.
  2. Update Service support, Files are automatically synced with the latest files on the official platform weekly.

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So how do you get all these works and materials on UI8?

To get these files and materials, you would need to pay $40 PER YEAR, to contact the payee.

Send an email to [email protected]

Wait for 12 – 24hrs for an instant reply.


Make a chat up on Telegram to the Payee, Follow this Link:


  1. You Get to Pay with Bitcoin or BTC (same thing)
  2. Use of Paypal is also available for payment to get and download the ui8 file

How and Steps to download the ui8 file(s) after making Necessary Payment:

  • After payment is complete, please send your email or Gmail address in his DM on Telegram or Mailbox to get the files.


All material resources are collected on the Internet. The purpose of sharing is for everyone to learn and refer to. If there is any form of infringement, please contact and delete it in time!

All the material related issues, I have no responsibility, and no obligation to provide technical support of any nature, if you need technical assistance, please buy the official original material!

All paying users must understand that they do not have any rights to provide downloaded materials and other resources, and the copyright belongs to the original website owner of the content!

No one may steal the resources of the site without explicit permission; you may not copy or copy the planet or create a mirror on a privately established server.


Conclusion: How to download and Get ui8 files on ui8free

Due to questions on whether this is true or not, I went ahead, messaging the payee for a source of proof on 19th, Tuesday, May 2020. 

photo 2020 05 19 04 11 291

It was quite a simple, short, detailed chat, and he made his proof that what he is doing is free, as you would get all files for free for just $40 per YEAR.

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