[Easy Guide] Upload & Post Longer Videos on Twitter X

How to upload long videos on Twitter

How To Upload and Post Longer Videos on Twitter

Twitter Video Limit: We must have all encountered errors when uploading or posting videos longer than 140 seconds (2 min 20 secs). How to upload twitter videos longer than 2 mins 20 secs (140 secs).

Although most times it is certain that you would want to tweet, share or post a video longer than 140 seconds, the twitter video length limit restrictions, you would be limited by twitter to only post or upload a little part(s) of the video for viewers on twitter to see.

Twitter Video Limit

Currently, the Twitter Video Limit is the maximum video size of 512MB and Maximum Video Length of 140 seconds.

Twitter is actually an American Social Media Networking Service, although it has its apps which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Uploading and Watching twitter videos are always quite interesting, and it connects you to meet several individuals all around the globe.

Everyone isn’t feeling so good with the video limit restrictions, but I’ll give you guys some tips on how to upload longer videos on twitter. (Twitter Video Limit)

Twitter Video Length Limit

A user can only upload or post a video on twitter, having a duration of 2 minutes and 20 seconds or 140 seconds. (Twitter Video Time Limit)

Twitter Video Size Limit

All Twitter users can only upload or post a video on twitter having a Maximum Video size of 512 MB. (Twitter Video Upload Limit)

Twitter Video Upload Limit

Currently, the twitter mobile user app supports the uploads of several video formats such as MOV and MP4 video formats. and on the twitter web, it supports the video uploads of the MP4 format with H264 format with an AAC audio.

List of Twitter X Video Limits in 2024

  • Minimum resolution of 32 x 32 and Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200
  • An Aspect ratio of 1: 2.39 – 2.39:1
  • The maximum frame rate of 40 fps
  • Maximum bitrate of 25 Mbps
  • A Maximum Video size of 512 MB
  • Maximum Video Length of 2 mins 20 secs (140 secs)

However, you can shift off these restrictions and twitter limits and share, post, and upload a twitter video with a length of over 7 minutes and more. (Twitter Video Limit)

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Method 1: Using Twitter Media Studio

Twitter Media Studio is a platform used by those who want to monetize their videos on twitter, alongside managing the individual videos.

Media Studio is used mostly by advertisers as twitter is the sole publisher, that’s the circle. The Studio helps you improving the video which you want to post on twitter, as well as previously uploaded videos, images, and GIFs.

Creating Media Uploads in your Library and management of media contents on various accounts is also one of the features of twitter media studio.

Features of Twitter Media Studio

  • Changing Thumbnails
  • Adding of Titles
  • Putting Captions
  • Call to Action Buttons

How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter

Wanna post a video longer than 2 mins 20 secs (140 secs) on twitter, follow the steps for Method 1 below:

  1. Head on to Twitter’s Media Studio Library while you are logged in to your twitter account;
    • If unable to access the studio, go to your Ads Account on Twitter and click on the “CREATIVES” tab located at the top bar of the screen and tap on “MEDIA” this would connect you to the Media Studio.
  2. After Logging in to your twitter account, you would then have access to your images, video files, gifs files, and other media contents.
  3. Also, you will see the “UPLOAD NEW MEDIA” button and this would enable you to upload a single of numerous videos at once having features like;
    • Not more than 1GB
    • MP4 and MOV video formats
    • Video Length of over 10 minutes
  4. After choosing the video for upload, the uploading process would begin immediately (Automatically) and the uploading percentage can be seen in the Media Studio.
  5. When the video has been fully uploaded, the media studio gives you the platform to make some edits like; Adding video titles, subtitles, descriptions, and video categories.
  6. After edits have been made, all edits are automatically saved by the twitter media studio and after adding all elements and edits, head on to tweet or post the video from the media library.
  7. Hit on the blue “TWEET BUTTON” located at the bottom right corner on the video ready to be uploaded or posted, you can write up the text of the tweet and hit the “TWEET BUTTON“.
  8. Twitter users could also do all the needful edits and preparations and schedule the video to post on another custom date and time. This is achieved by hitting the “SCHEDULE BUTTON

Above is the first method on How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter


Finding it hard to get access to Twitter’s Media Studio? Then you would contact support via Twitter’s Ads Help Page.

This is Located right beneath “TWEETS, CARDS, & VIDEOS” click “I CAN’T ACCESS MEDIA STUDIO” After then you can write a short and brief text to describe your issue and hit the “SUBMIT SUPPORT TICKET“. Wait for a while, and you will get a response from Twitter regarding the access to media Studio. (Twitter Video Limit)

contact support to remove twitter video limit and post long videos
How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter in USA: Media Studio

Method 2: Using Youtube or Vimeo

Hey!! we all know that YouTube is an Online American video-sharing platform that is owned currently by Google. And also Vimeo is a Video hosting and sharing Platform based in NYC.

using youtube and vimeo to upload long twitter videos
Using Platforms to Remove Twitter’s Video Limit on Length

How to Tweet and Share Longer Videos On Twitter

This is a backup method if Method 1 on How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter didn’t work, just follow the instructions and embed a video of more than 140 seconds using the steps below;

How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter X

For YouTube:

  1. Login to Your YouTube Account
  2. Click on “YOUR CHANNEL” and wait for loading to finish
  3. Tap on the “UPLOAD VIDEO” button and upload the video you want to post or embed on twitter.
  4. After successful uploading of video, click on “SHARE” then you copy the link and paste as a tweet on video. (Twitter Video Limit)

Above is the second method on How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter

steps to embed long video on twitter
Post Long Twitter Videos
strategy to dodge twitter video limit and post long vids
How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter

After following the due steps, you should get an embedded post or tweet of the video on twitter looking like this below

How to Upload Longer Videos On Twitter

For Vimeo:

  • Get Familiar with the Interface
  • Login to your Account
  • Upload or Host the video on Vimeo
  • Finally, Share the Link as a tweet on twitter


After sharing the links from YouTube or Vimeo as a tweet on twitter, What twitter does is that it would embed the post on its platform and you can watch a video of over 10 minutes on twitter, breaking twitter’s video limit.

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